Steaks, Pasta and Axe Holes: A Downtown Las Vegas Steakhouse Story

This is OverRye’s first Bachelor Party Edition! Why were we in Downtown Las Vegas for a bachelor party, you ask? The Glitter Gulch is closed, after all. Well, we’ll tell you why: to throw some axes, that’s why!Yes, this is a real thing. And Axe Hole(such a clever name, right?) has the goods! If you find yourself Downtown at Axe Hole do yourself a favor and pay the extra $10 so you can throw some ninja stars and spears, too. You can relive your 6-year-old ninja warrior days and recall how you more recently fancied yourself as Achilles making an impossible throw all those Sundays spent hungover on the couch watching Troy.

But this post isn’t about axe throwing, ninja warriors or Helen of Troy.

It’s about Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in The D. When it comes to steakhouse options in Downtown Las Vegas, Andiamo is the new kid on the block.

The crew on this evening included:
Robert “Not Such a Bachelor Anymore” Perkins
Anthony “Iron Chef” Lamantia
Brett “Wacker” Thacker

Story/Atmosphere | Rating: 7

So, we’re Downtown at The D—what can you expect, right? Actually, the décor was pretty nice. There is a unique entrance created by a long brick archway. Inside are a collection of tables and booths with curtains hanging from the ceiling. Our table was tucked in the back and somewhat cramped. (We would recommend requesting one of the booths.) The menu is packed with classic Italian options, pasta and steaks, including some unique cuts. Andiamo boasts a partnership with the nation’s top meat farms, including Stock Yards. And all of their beef is raised in the good ole U. S. of A. It’s also aged for 30 days.

Service | Rating: 6

OK, so, we don’t want you to get the wrong idea. The service wasn’t totally bad. It was only bordering on acceptable, though. We were there on a noticeably busy night. Our server was doing her best. Our cocktail and food orders were taken and brought promptly. However, the waters weren’t getting filled, that sort of thing. They did bring us a complimentary pasta with dinner. So, there’s that.

Spirit & Wine | Rating: 7

Andiamo has the sort of spirit selection that you would expect from a Downtown joint. But what they also had that was eternally pleasing for Dori were… large ice blocks! The early crew started with some Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, then ventured over to the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, which most places don’t offer. It was good and certainly something unique to try out in Downtown! There also may have been some Blanton’s Single-Barrel Bourbon thrown in at the end…

For the wine we went with:

  • 2012 Masi Costasera Amarone Classico: The label on this bottle was gorgeous. The flavor was gorgeous, too! Strong. Full. Not sweet. This red went well with the meat sauces and steaks.

Food | Rating: 7 

Andiamo plays so well into the OverRye family-style experience, and we didn’t hold back when ordering. Appetizers included the Andiamo Grande Meatball with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese; banana peppers with house-made sausage; and oysters on the half shell. For salads, we went with the chopped; a Kale Rustico (the teacher ordered this one); and the Caesar, which is prepared tableside. Bring on the entrees! You can’t go to an Italian joint and not have veal osso bucco. And you can’t come to Andiamo and not order the Andiamo Tomahawk!

It was refreshing to visit a restaurant that prepares dishes with a unique spin. At Andiamo, that spin comes in two forms. First, the sauces served with the steaks: Some purists might cringe, but it works. The other unique spin is the healthy portions of pasta served with the entrees. We went with the highly recommended agnolotti—handmade pasta filled with ground veal, spinach mascarpone crème, black truffle and wild mushrooms. It. Did. Not. Dis-ap-point. We also had the pappardelle and the lasagna. So much food, and all molto bene!

Value | Rating: 7

Don’t expect any discounts just because this place is Downtown. At the same time, there is thought, creativity and execution in this experience. The reality is that there are not very many high-quality steakhouse options Downtown. If the dishes were priced $2–$5 less, this would be a value play. If the waters were refilled once or twice during the meal, we would feel even better about the price tag.

Overall | Rating: 7 

The group was mixed on this one. It goes to show that on any given night, a restaurant has to fire on all cylinders. It’s easier to forgive some things that way. If the service were better or if we were seated in one of those sexy booths, perhaps there would have been more consensus.

What’s the over/under on going back?

Dori: “Under. For me, this spot fell short in nearly every category, including the most important: food, service and price. I would like to think it was just a bad night for the restaurant, but my gut says otherwise.”

Jarrad: “Over. The sausage with banana peppers and ravioli were memorable. The tomahawk was good, not great. The location is tough because you have to walk through trailer park Spring Break to get to the restaurant. I would go back but wouldn’t rush into it.”

Hayim: “Over-ish. I’m not rushing back. If someone said, ‘Let’s go Downtown,’ I would recommend Andiamo. I may advocate for it a bit. But if they wanted to talk me into something else, I wouldn’t put up much of a fuss.”

Robert: “Over. The pasta was delicious. The tomahawk steak was a delight. But the service sucked. My water glass was dry most of the night.”

Anthony: “Over.”

Brett: “Over. Half the dishes were decent, and the other half were delicious. The agnolotti was great. The tomahawk chop with the butter sauce were delicious—as it should be for $89.”