Things to do in Las Vegas - Downtown, Fremont Street

Things to do in Las Vegas - Downtown, Fremont Street

November 08, 2017

Top 21! AxeHole Axe Throwing at Neonopolis on Fremont Street Downtown Las Vegas

Hey! A message from Axehole Team! We made it on the list of top 30 things to do in Las Vegas. Number 21 spot is impressive and a goal to make it higher. Vital Vegas came for a visit and wrote an article about us. A big thank you to them!

Here is what they had to say:
The business model is simple: Pay to throw sharp objects at targets. It’s therapeutic, it’s challenging and it’s utterly addictive. Axehole is a fun diversion and your new eye patch will really up your mystique quotient.

There are no actual holes involved in Axehole. Marketing!

Axehole Las Vegas Hits the Mark at Neonopolis. When you think about fun things to do in Las Vegas, axe throwing may not immediately spring to mind. Maybe it should. Axehole, a new offering at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas, provides guests the chance to test their mettle by tossing axes, knives, spears, throwing stars and other sharp objects at targets. We are not entirely sure what a “mettle” is, but it sure does sound like something you’d want to test.


To enter Axehole, stroll through this door hole. Ha!

At first, we were doubtful an axe-throwing operation could succeed in Las Vegas, but our doubts were punctured the moment we hit a bull’s eye and heard a magical sound. “Thook.” When you land a hatchet perfectly, you’re hooked. Do it when you’re competing against friends, and axe-throwing becomes an obsession. Top tip: In axe throwing, it’s all about rotation. If you’re not sticking your throw, move a step forward or back.

At Axehole, $25 per person gets you an hour of throwing time. If you can’t commit to an hour, you can do 15 tosses for $15. We’re telling you right up front, you will not be able to stop at 15, so spring for the hour.

Oh, just do the axe. “Ninja Star Hole” just sounds stupid.


At first glance, axe-throwing would seem to appeal more to men than women, but because the activity relies more on technique than strength, women excel at it.


Axehole trainers provide expert coaching so guests can make the most of their time using the throwing lanes.

Good luck getting the pliers to make a “thook” sound.

Axe Hole keeps things interesting (as if throwing axes wasn’t inherently interesting enough) by selling zombie targets ($4) and “smash box” targets ($5). A smash box is hung from a target, and an accurate toss will break it open to reveal a prize.

Ladies and gentlemen, zombie Howard Hughes. Guests at Axehole must be 7 or older to throw, and closed-toed shoes are required to take part in the festivities. Axehole is an entertaining, offbeat way to let off steam and unleash your inner viking in downtown Las Vegas. 

And, yes, we really enjoy saying AxeHole.

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