Axehole Vegas: Fremont Street

Axe Throwing on Fremont Street 

Welcome to Axehole Vegas, a leading destination for axe throwing on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Offering an experience that merges fun and skill, we cater to both locals and visitors looking for a unique outing. Our facility is on Fremont Street, provides an engaging environment for everyone, and is a place where the axe throwing tradition is celebrated in a modern setting. Our facility is designed to be welcoming and safe, ensuring a memorable visit for everyone, regardless of their axe throwing experience. 

Call Toll Free (888) 876-9293

Local: (702) 776-7640

Our skilled instructors are ready to guide you! Axe throwing at Axehole Vegas is suitable for all skill levels, with various games and challenges available. It's an ideal spot for family outings, group events, or a different kind of date night. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and providing an exceptional experience. Join us at Axehole Vegas on Fremont Street for a memorable experience that combines the thrill of axe throwing with the spirit of Las Vegas.

Experience the Thrill of Axe Throwing

At Axehole Vegas, we take pride in providing a top-notch axe throwing experience. Our facility is designed to cater to everyone – from beginners who have never picked up an axe to seasoned throwers looking for a challenge. It's the perfect spot for an adventurous day out or a unique evening experience. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other on Fremont Street. Axehole Vegas is not just an attraction; it's a destination where fun, skill, and excitement meet!


Please leave us a note for birthdays and special events! Close-toed shoes are REQUIRED.  
Only 3 people are allowed in the room at a time.
Please be aware that ages 7 through 17 will need a parent or guardian to sign for them. 
To secure your booking payment is required.

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